Solving Email Issues

Occasionally, an email system will present delivery problems and Cox is one of the biggest offenders. What happens is that when someone sends you an email, by default, if Cox deems it to be spam for whatever reason, you will not receive the email nor is the sender  notified that it was not delivered. You could be losing valuable clients who presume you are ignoring their attempts to contact you!

Fortunately there is a fix. First, we normally recommend that you setup and use a gmail account…something that will travel with you when you decide to change service providers. To continue using Cox however, you will need to make some changes to your account.

Start by going to and sign in to your email account. You must do this from a web browser. Click on the WebMail Inbox as shown below.



Next, click on the Settings button, as shown below.



Click on the SpamBlocker Settings as shown below



Finally, select the option to Tag junk email with SPAM and click OK.


You will now be able to receive email from potential clients as well as our photo links without delay. If you wish, you can select the second option to deliver email to the WebMail Spam folder, but you will need to log in from a browser and check it manually. The emails will not come to you automatically.


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