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Tips on How to Prepare Your Property for Real Estate Photography

It’s certain that you want to sell your home quickly and at the highest price. Here are some tips how to prepare your property for real estate photography that will help market your property.

This article is divided into three sections depending on which service offering you ordered. The first section deals with photos. The second section applies to Aerial (or drone) Photography. Finally, we provide some tips on getting your property ready for a 3D Open House Tour.

Part 1: Photography

Things to do in all rooms before the photographer arrives:

  • De-clutter everything by cleaning and clearing every room.  Remove family photos and other personal items to give your your space a model home like appearance.
  • Check every light and replace burned out bulbs. More light means better pictures. Any missing or burned out lights will only be visible in the photos but risk potential buyers perceiving an electrical problem. Be sure to have spare bulbs on hand just in case.
  • Be sure that all blinds are functioning properly.
  • Clean and dust highly visible surfaces such as ceiling fans, light bulbs and fixtures, mirrors and windows, etc.

At the time of the photo shoot:

  • Turn on every single light on the inside and outside of the home. If any lights are on a timer please be sure to override them in order to ensure that the lights are on.
  • Open all of the blinds and curtains. Opening the blinds and curtains lets more natural light into the room. More light means better photos.
  • Turn off all ceiling fans (to avoid blurring from long exposures) but make sure that the light remains on.
  • Remove or hide from view all interior and exterior trash cans.
  • It is best to downplay any pets. Be sure to hide pet bowls, toys, beds, litter boxes and cat trees. While we are photographing the house, cats usually hide and are not a problem. Dogs are more curious, so we prefer that they are out for a walk or out of sight.
  • if you have a pool, spa or fountain be sure to have everything turned on and running. Keep all pool cleaning equipment out of the water and out of sight.

Kitchen - real estate photography Orange County

Preparing The Kitchen For A Photo Shoot

  • Remove everything from the top and doors of the fridge. This includes magnets, business cards, photos, etc.
  • Clear and wipe off the counters. Clean counters look great in photos.
  • Hide dish soaps, sponges and paper towels.
  • Set up the kitchen or dining table with nice set of dishes.
  • A bowl of fruit or bouquet of flowers presents nice on the photos.

Bedroom - real estate photography Orange County

Preparing Bedrooms For A Photo Shoot

  • Make the beds.
  • Hide personal Items.
  • Close the closets doors
  • if the closets are going to  be photographed they need be uncluttered and organized. A good start is to remove half of the items from the closet.

Bathroom - real estate photography Orange County

Bathroom – real estate photography Orange County

Preparing Bathrooms for Photo Shoot

  • Put down toilet lids.
  • Hide any toiletries that are in the shower or bath, as well as on the counter.
  • Clean mirrors and any glass surfaces.
  • Remove old towels from doors, showers and bathtubs. Hang a new set of towels that coordinate with the paint or tiles.
  • Depending on the space, a flower or plant can add a nice touch.

Living Room - real estate photography Orange County

Preparing The Living and Family Room for Photo Shoot

  • An overly crowded living room does not allow buyers to properly visualize the space. Pack and remove any unnecessary items and furniture to create more open feeling.
  • Turn off  the television and hide the remotes.

Front of the House - real estate photography Orange County

Preparing The Exterior For Photos

  • Clean porches and walkways. Put away bikes, hoses, trash cans, etc.
  • No cars in the driveway or in front of your house.
  • If it is a trash collection day, place the containers away from the front of the property.

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Part 2: Aerial (Drone) Photography

All of the tips above apply to our Aerial Photography but…

There are a number of things you do to make your home’s exterior look even better since we will be filming it on a completely different angle! We’ll see everything from up above so just hiding trash cans or other items behind a fence or on the side of the house may not work.

Things to do outside the photographer arrives:

  • De-clutter the yard. Be sure to put any hoses, trash cans, toys and other items in a shed or garage where they will be completely out of sight from all angles.
  • The side yards will be visible from overhead. Be sure to declutter and hide anything you do not want prospective buyers to see.
  • Close all windows and doors. Be sure that all all blinds or shutters are evenly positioned and look the same throughout the home.
  • Depending on the time of day, turning on exterior lights can make for a nice and welcoming effect. Be sure all fixtures are working and replace any burned out bulbs.


Part 3: 3D Open House Tour

With our 3D Open House Tour, prospective buyers can view your property from the comfort of their own home. This allows even more people to see your listing and betters your chances of a quicker sale!

As with interior photography, it is important to declutter and have everything nicely organized and staged. Sometimes, we will enter a bedroom, for instance, and from the doorway, the room looks immaculate. When we walk to another corner, however, all of the items that were cleared away for the photo, is now laying on the floor next to the other side of the bed. This eliminates us being able to take the second shot without having to move piles of stuff. Since we service many clients every day, this is just not a practical approach.

When we do a 3D scan of a room, we are taking several scans from many different angles in each room. Ideally, the entire house should be ready to go from the time we walk in the door.

Hide anything you don’t want to be shown. If we see anything that we feel should be moved, we will discuss it with you during our initial walkthough of the home before we start scanning.